European Medical Center

Happy Easter

We are looking for new colleagues!

Cabinet to rent

We are looking for new colleagues for our dynamic and European team, who are specia­lists with a hospital activity and an interest in a comple­mentary ambula­tory activity. We rent the "cabinet" on a half-day basis. And we are looking for experienced, dynamic and "evidence-based" specialists. Especially specialists of Rheuma­tology, Neuro­logy or Derma­tology are highly welcomed to strengthen our senso-motoric focus. As we work in the European quarter, consul­tations should be possible in French and English, and a third big European language is highly desired, which can be the maternal language. If you are interested, please send us an email (Mail).

Welcome !

Celtic leader Ambiorix

Welcome to the European Medical Center, a clinic or group practice of general and specialized Medical Doctors and para­medical therapists, especially osteopaths and physio­therapists ("kinési­thérapeutes").

There is also a blood sampling every morning, for which you need a medical prescription, and we ask you kindly to arrange an appointment in advance.

We have a secretary (reception), which is open from Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 15:00, but closed on Saturday, Sunday and official Belgian holidays. The reception is also open every morning during the vacation/­holiday seasons, but may be closed earlier on the afternoon in the holiday season.

The reception can help you for all questions regarding our Center and our therapists and they can arrange appoint­ments for most of the therapists - but some manage their schedules them­selves and some accept also appointments via Doctena (EUMC) – please check below.

For any question, just call the secretary: 02 / 280.13.42, or send an email: (Mail, but the answer may need one or two days).

Our Center is in the heart of the European quarter, in the neighbor­hood "quartier des Squares" in Brussels at Square Ambiorix 40, just 500 m away from Rond-point Schuman and its European institutions, metro and rail connections (see the plan of STIB, the Brussels' metro agency, as PDF, for Schuman). And a bus stop is directly in front of the Center at Square Ambiorix.

Our doctors

Dr. Marijke De Lange


Appointment via reception (Tel. 02 / 280.13.42) or par Doctena (lien)


Dr. Irenäus Misera

General Practitioner

Appointment via reception (Tel. 02/280.13.42)


See also his personal homepage

Dr. Jörg Pförtner M.Sc.

Dr. Jörg Pförtner

Orthopedic Surgeon and Traumatologist

Appointment via reception (Tel. 02 / 280.13.42) or Doctena (Link)

Only private consultations ("non-conventionnées")

Consultation fee 70 Euro

Payments accepted in cash, by card/via "Bancontact" or Payconiq


Our osteopaths

Mr. Frédéric Baeyens


Ms. Frédérique De Keyser

For an appointment, please call her directly during normal office hours: 0475 / 63.35.35


Ms. Claudia Münch

Appointment via reception (Tel. 02 / 280.13.42)


Mr. Julien Rysman

Appointment via reception (Tel. 02 / 280.13.42)


Our physiotherapists

Mr. Frédéric Baeyens

General physio­therapist, sports physio­therapy, manual therapy, rehabilitation, posture, muscle streng­thening


Ms. Sarah Bates

Appointment via reception (Tel. 02 / 280.13.42) or Doctena (Link)

General physiotherapy, sports physio­therapy, post­traumatic rehabili­tation, posture, muscle streng­thening


Welcome to Sarah in our Center! She took over from her sister Jessica, who left our Center in summer 2021 for new challenges in Luxemburg. Sarah has also already a huge experience in physio­therapy and worked in different countries.

Ms. Rose-Marie Mukendi

Appointment via reception (Tel. 02 / 280.13.42) or Doctena (Link)

General, sports, dance, and peri­nnatal (around pregnangy) physiotherapy, rehabili­tation post-accident, fitness, general exercices/posture, physiotherapy for children from 9 years onwards


Ms. Claudia Münch

Appointment via reception (Tel. 02 / 280.13.42)

General physio­therapist, manual therapy, rehabilitation, posture, muscle streng­thening, fascia therapy


Our laboratory

Logo von Synlab

We work with the renowned international laboratory Synlab, which is one of the largest and best in Belgium.

Please note that blood samplings and also swabs (frottis) for the PCR-detection of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 are only possible with a prearranged appointment.

It is also possible to do the nose-throat ("naso­pharyngeal") swabs for the PCR test for the direct detection of the coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) without a medical prescription, for example for travelling or when coming back. But please note that any swab without a valid medical presricption has to be paid by yourself, there is no reimburse­ment of any health insurance. After the swab/­sampling you get a code for finding the results online. Later, the laboratory will send you an invoice by post (or bills your Belgian insurance, "mutuelle", directly, if you have one and a valid medical prescription).

If you come for a "normal" testing, or a serology for SARS-CoV-2, our nurse takes blood. She performs also the swab and takes all kinds of samples (swabs, urine and others), which are collected several times every day by the laboratory. Usually the results are send to the ordering doctor already in the evening (except for special tests, which may take some days).

For a good organisation, make at first an appointment via our reception (02 / 280.13.42) for all blood samples, tests and swabs. Or you make your appointment online by Doctena (Link). Please come to our Center some 5-10 minutes in advance, and present yourself at the reception. We need your Identity Card (either your Belgian or any other) and your medical prescription, and you have to fill a form at first.